Are you tired of having to shop around for your cross stitch products, trying to find the site with the lowest prices and postage that doesn’t cost a fortune?

Do you want to be able to stitch more but just can’t afford to buy all the wonderful cross stitch kits you love?

Have you heard about one of our fabulous offers and want to know what the catch is?

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By joining Stitching Savers you get access to all of our special offers which are products at trade prices. There is no catch.
For £5 a month we select products that our members have voted for as one of our weekly special offers. Each offer lasts a week, from Monday mornings until Sunday at midnight. If you want to take us up on that special offer just add it to your cart as normal.

As soon as we get the products from the suppliers we post it out to you. Since we are making no profit on the products we can’t afford to keep a large stock to offer next day delivery. Our delivery times are on average about a week although we will send them out as soon as we get the products delivered to us.

We also make no profit on our delivery charges so you can be sure that they are not inflated like some online shops selling products cheaply. The only profit we make is the monthly membership fee.

If you would like a specific product from one of the designers or manufacturers we work with but it isn’t on special offer then do contact us. We have a monthly rota were we cycle through all the companies we work with to offer at least one product per month. Just look at the weekly calendar and if the company you want to order from has a product on special offer that week we can order it for you. It will cost you a maximum of £2 extra to order a specific product to cover the extra expenses. To add a specific product to your order just contact us either by email, using the orange help widget at the bottom of the screen or using the live chat.

Join Stitching Savers today and get a 2 week free trial. If you aren’t 100% happy then either cancel your membership through Paypal or send us a message.

Here is what some of our members think about Stitching Savers

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